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Know your talents


Want to discover your talents? Then fill in the "Know your talents" questionnaire. By discovering what you are really good at, you can strengthen your talents and use them to the full in your work.

Fill in the "Know your talents" questionnaire to find out more about:

  • your talents
  • the talents you sometimes exaggerate, and the pitfalls you can create by doing so
  • the lever skills that you can use to avoid these pitfalls
  • the types of contexts that stimulate your talents


From a practical point of view, please note that this questionnaire will take about 30 minutes to complete.
You will notice that the questionnaire is made up of three parts

  • The first allows you to showcase your talents
  • The second is devoted to lever skills which allow you to deepen your knowledge of your talents
  • And lastly, the third part goes further in analyzing the context in which your talents are expressed the best

With these three parts of the questionnaire, your talent profile will be accurate and refined. We therefore ask you to set aside some time to complete the questionnaire fully. 

To derive maximum benefit from the results of this questionnaire, sign up with your whole team to follow the "Talents in Action" workshop. For more information about this workshop, please consult the "Talents at Proximus" sharepoint here.

If you have already signed up for this workshop, you must fill in this questionnaire to obtain a strong impact. And don't forget to print out your talent profile to take it with you to the workshop!

The "Know your talents" questionnaire is one of the tools presented on the "Talent at Proximus" sharepoint. Want to do more with your talents? Read here what the sharepoint can do for you!


We wish you some interesting discoveries about your talents!